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Quality 3D Product Visualisation

When it comes to quality 3D products, our customers know that they can count on Supercheap3D Architectural Renders. We bring years of experience and a passion for what we do to each job we take on, and this allows us to design and manufacture precise 3D products for our customers, both large and small.

3D Products We Offer

We render products, not just small items but entire scenes and settings to allow you to showcase your vision without investing in staging material, photoshoots and lighting. It’s great for designers who want a cost-effective way to showcase the space and products in question in the best lighting. It’s also a quick and efficient way to change the look and feel of a room. We offer:




Designers have concepts on new accessories, such as chopping boards, candles, vases, pot plants, through rugs, ornaments and trays. Rendering these in 3D in varying settings and contrast will allow retailers, marketers and even customers the ability to picture and sell the end product with ease.

Fittings and Fixtures

Having the right fittings and fixtures and help to light up your intended space and show it in the best view for any potential customers. You may have various finishes such as brass, chrome, matt black, copper which can all be showcased from the same rendered scene. We interchange mapping [textures] on the model, keep the same camera and lighting and you’ll end up with a perfect photoshoot for your marketing needs.

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Maybe you’d like to show your potential customers how your designer furniture can transform a space. If so, we can place furniture settings together and place them into unique scenes and lighting environments so that you can show how the furnishing will look in different areas.

In-Situ Layouts

We can create 3D in-situ layouts of any design you may have. This is great for showing customers multiple kitchen designs from your range without having to build and shoot sets. Possibly saving thousands from your marketing budgets. We also assist bathroom fittings suppliers show their products without having to build displays.

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Why Choose Our 3D Products?

It’s simple. We bring years of experience coupled with in-depth knowledge to bring you the best products renders possible.

We’ll work hard to help render a scene that is almost indistinguishable from an actual staged area at a fraction of the cost.

Can We Cover Both Large and Small Areas?

Yes. No area is too large or too small for our professional team to create accessories, fixtures, fittings, furnishings, or in-situ layouts for. We’ll work with you to help maximise your results while staying well within your budget to give you a quality finished product that works.

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