Frequently Asked Questions

What plans do I need?

All we need is a flooplan and an elevation.
CADs, .DWGs, .RVT Revit, .SKP Sketch-up, .FBX, .3DS and we can even work from .PDF and .JPGs.

Other useful documents include:
Landscape plans, survey, siteplan, material schedules.

When can you start my 3D?

We can start today. We just need your approval of our quote, your plans and receipt of payment.

Will my 3D renders be suitable for online marketing and print advertising?

Yes most definitely. Your images will be rendered to our standard high quality size of 4000 pixels wide, this is equivalent to 300dpi at A5. Our renders and animations are fantastic for internet purposes and translate with clarity and high visual impact on screen. Your images will also translate in high quality for social media purposes such as Instagram or Facebook.

Will my 3D renders be suitable for large signage and billboards?

It will depend on the finished size of the signage. Just let our team know that you are intending produce large format signage, we will calculate the render size you will require and render it for you.

My previously completed project has since undergone updates, can your team update my finalised 3D renders?

Our team would be more than happy to re-work your project based upon updates to your plans, elevations or material schedules. We would prefer your updated CAD documentation or new project information in order for us to begin works. We retain all past 3D projects in our secure archival system in the event that your project requires future alterations.

Do I need to meet face to face?

For the majority of our projects its more efficient to get started the same day and update the team via phone and email. As our products are digital we have the luxury of proofing, reviewing and updating almost instantly.

How do I make a payment?

We accept payment through our payment gateways PayPal & Stripe, along with direct transfers, wire transfers and if you like we can receive cheques.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Give one of our team a call or email, we’re here to help.

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